We provide support and communication via text and do not pick up calls. This helps us stay lean AND premium communication experience to everyone associated with us. However, we would be happy to hop on a call/chat with you in case you prefer live communication. You can use the form below to request an appointment or directly ask any doubts/queries that you might have, for faster support. 


Text Us

+1 (856) 485-5533/ +91-9361978802

Support Desk


What all do you offer?

We offer mentorship and support in your venture with one-on-one consulting and walk the path with you. We also have an online store where we provide several services and softwares that modern innovative businesses need in today’s times.

How can I contact you?

You have four options. 1. Voice mail/SMS us. 2. Text us on Messenger using the live chat option. 3. Email us. 4. Use the form above. 5. Raise a ticket in our helpdesk.

I want support related to a purchase that I made. How can I get it?

The fastest way to get support related to your purchase is to raise a ticket in our helpdesk or to use the form below to automatically raise a ticket. We’ll get back to you on email, WhatsApp or Messenger.

I’m confused on the best service for me. Can you please help me?

Yes, we will be happy to help you! Just get in touch with us, and let’s have a chat to understand your goals and aspirations better. Once we get to know you, we will suggest the best solution for you or refer to others who can help you better.

What is your helpdesk? How do I access it?

We use Freshdesk to help you view all the conversations with us in one place, and also see the status of your ticket. You can either sign up using any email address or login using Google ID, Facebook or Twitter. You can communicate seamlessly with us here.

I’ve a query related to your store. How can I get it addressed?

You can check our FAQ section in our helpdesk, or contact us directly so that we can help you immediately.