If something is important enough, or you believe something is important enough, even if you are scared, you will keep going.
- Elon Musk

This is an outdated post and will be updated on 15th April 2022. Kindly check back to view the latest story.

At some point in our businesses, we all wonder about the ultimate goal of our enterprise. In the beginning stages, we chase money and try to provide for our loved ones as much as possible. But we all eventually hit a plateau in the business where we wonder about the real reason for growth and look for reasons beyond making money. That stage in the founders’ lives gave birth to the concept of Zenoholics. Having experimented with branding and digital marketing in college days with other companies, we saw many cutthroat companies designed to make the unsuspecting entrepreneurs poorer without adding real value. Misleading offers with an incomplete representation of information have significantly hindered entrepreneurs’ growth.

Many honest people are willing to do what it takes to build a fantastic business. But the main shortcoming that most entrepreneurs face is the absence of a systematic guideline and an approach that teaches people how to think. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach, as every venture has to be tailored to the various parameters that define a business. A customized approach with a unique understanding of the project helps in a successful venture. After all, we do not know as much as the actual people running the business. Therefore, we adopted a novel approach to solve the problems by involving the owners and executives in every stage. With our model worksheets and solution-oriented approach, we believe that we can change the landscape of the current entrepreneurial ecosystem.

After all, we win if you win. This is why we always choose to put the customer’s best interests first and focus on building things from the ground up. It will take effort and sweat, but success does not happen overnight. Working closely with you, with our combined efforts and community support, we are sure that we can add more value to society.

The journey of being an entrepreneur is a unique and special one. There are many moments when we feel like giving up when it just makes no sense and moments when we are clueless on the following path of action. Yet, we persist, for we realize the value of our goals, dreams, and vision. The satisfaction we get from seeing the small changes we make and inspire in society is all worth it.

At Zenoholics, we aspire to support our fellow entrepreneurs on this beautiful journey to live their dreams and improve society.

In today’s world, most people look for shiny objects and turnkeys only to find out none exist. There is no shortcut to true success, and it never happens overnight. But many people face a lack of resources or cost affordable services. The pain is real, and we are here to bridge that gap and make things easier and smoother.